Essential Eats: Austin, TX

We've been super busy working on some great things during our expansion, but we're excited to share a few events, food stops, and surprises with you!

First up, our Brand Manager took a little vacation to Austin, TX to try new foods and enjoy the hill-covered landscape. Here's her recap of the great foods she tried while enjoying the town.

1. Breakfast tacos

Oh my lord did I have an insane amount of breakfast tacos during the weekend trip. From Torchy's to Bouldin Creek Cafe, there were so many varying options in breakfast tacos, which are not common back home in New Orleans. An overwhelming number of people had recommended Torchy's Tacos so it was the first and favorite breakfast taco destination. Bold flavors, perfect latin flair, and a great price – I totally understand why their slogan is simply "Damn Good Tacos."

However, I always love a good meat-free option when it comes to eating, and Bouldin Creek Cafe has a vegetarian chorizo breakfast taco that is mindblowing. It was really hard to believe I was eating something meatless, and the salsa had the perfect amount of heat. I definitely recommend pairing it with their Lavender Champagne and a refreshing icy water.

Torchy's Breakfast Tacos via  Trips to Discover

Torchy's Breakfast Tacos via Trips to Discover

Bouldin Creek Cafe Vegan Tacos – photo via  @smashcrashboom

Bouldin Creek Cafe Vegan Tacos – photo via @smashcrashboom

2. Cool Snacking

I was so full on breakfast tacos, I actually never got around to grabbing lunch. But being the big foodie I am, I definitely made a point to grab some late afternoon snacks. Ice creams, coffees, and food trucks can be found all around Austin, and I snacked through as many as possible.

I started with Jo's Coffee. Best known for the famous "I love you so much" wall now, it's hard to remember that the building actually serves some pretty fantastic drinks to refresh and relax. I tried the Laura Palmer, a drink with hibiscus iced tea, lemonade, and Topo-Chico sparkling water and a Raspberry Lemonade. Both were perfect for cooling down after walking through hot, sunny South Congress, and while I didn't get food there's a variety of cold and hot sandwiches to grab whatever the weather may be. There's also a small patio where you can usually find a small live band playing great music – kick back, relax, everything is chill at Jo's.

I also had a chance to try vegan ice cream. Why vegan? I simply enjoy the innovation of vegan culture to create well-known and loved foods without any animal-byproducts! It's a challenge and creative approach to food that never stops being massively impressive. Vicecreme thrives on being extremely innovative with their creations, including this Peanut Butter Jelly flavor that I tried and loved. Hopefully one day Vicecreme can bring their delicious flavors all over the nation, but for now I'll make a special stop in Austin just for them. Did we mention they also have amazing shirts? We know you'll be putting Vicecreme in your GPS some time this summer.

Jo's Coffee's Laura Palmer via Lori Vaughn

Jo's Coffee's Laura Palmer via Lori Vaughn

Photo via  Vicecreme

Photo via Vicecreme

3. Delicious [Fried Chicken] Dinners

Maybe it was being on vacation. Maybe Austin just really gets how to enjoy dinner. Either way, dinner was our favorite meal, and I savored every minute of the long dining style.

First up was a highly anticipated trip to June's All Day. June's is owned by a quirky, brilliant somellier of McGuire Moorman Hospitality Group named June Rodil. Inspired by Parisian bistros and Spanish tapas bars, June seamlessly brings the ambiance from overseas to the humid American South. Her wine list looks like a coloring book, and all other promotional material could double as a chic confusing advertisement for American Apparel. It's great. Over everything their menu has to offer, I say go simple with the Fried Chicken Sandwich and June's Sparkling Rosé – I'll be waiting for your thank you card in the mail.

I also went super casual for dinner one day during the trip, trying a highly recommended fried chicken spot called Lucy's Fried Chicken. Considering I'm a very big fan of fried chicken, I knew I was going to stop at Lucy's at some point during the quick trip, and Lucy's did not disappoint. I had a batch of Fried Green Tomatoes that made me forget I wasn't in New Orleans and the Fried Chicken made me feel so much pride for being Southern. Lucy's may not be the best stop for a dinner during a vacation stay, but you'll definitely want to add it to your eating itinerary.

June's All Day via  My House Social

June's All Day via My House Social

Lucy's Fried Chicken via  CHEFSFEED

Lucy's Fried Chicken via CHEFSFEED

I had so much fun roaming the quirky town that is Austin, Texas, and I look forward to my next visit. Thank you so much Austin for all of your good vibes and better eats!

Do you have a restaurant or location that'd you love for us to try or write about?