Enjoy Your Stay in DTLA

Our CEO + founder Barrie recently hit the streets of California to experience the blissful weather and gorgeous sights (and check out a few food stops too, of course). Our top pick? Grand Central Market in DTLA.

Grand Central Market in LA is an absolute food mecca. This affordable eatery just made a 100 years in 2016 and has no plans on slowing down. The market has all the multicultural fare you could dream of and Eater LA once ate three meals here for a whopping total of $18.29. Your wallet won’t be unhappy you made the trip.

Let’s start with Madcapra – owned by the same badass female restauranteurs, Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson, of Kismet. The green falafel with cauliflower, pickled fennel, labneh, cilantro, and mint is a must-have. The insanely rich and refreshing flavors are guaranteed to make your mouth smile.

Photo courtesy of  Madcapra's Instagram .

Photo courtesy of Madcapra's Instagram.

At eggslut, if you’re daring, try the Gaucho. This sandwich made of Wagyu tri-tip steak, a medium egg, chimichurri, red onions, and dressed arugula is not for the faint of heart.

Photo courtesy of  eggslut's Instagram .

Photo courtesy of eggslut's Instagram.

Also be sure to keep an eye on Chef Cailan while he whips up a few new ventures like The Burger Show on First We Feast and his pop-up Amboy featuring Filipino food as an homage to his cultural roots.

The end of this post is an all-time legend – Sarita’s Pupuseria. Think of it as a flat burrito or closed quesadilla – the pupusa is the underrated family member of handheld hispanic foods. This Salvadorean post has been established since 1998, and with their pupusas coming in around $3, it’s pretty easy to know that their the best choice for your budget.

Sarita's Pupuseria pupusa.  Photo courtesy of Thrillist .

Sarita's Pupuseria pupusa. Photo courtesy of Thrillist.