We are an all female identifying team, building a business based in New Orleans that brings innovation to the hospitality industry while supporting the growth and development of independent chefs’ catering services.


Barrie Schwartz | Founder + Chief Experience Officer

As the Founder and CEO my main job is driving the strategy, sales, culture, and creative aspects of the business. I work to make sure everyone in our company including employees, partners, and chefs feel supported and understand our vision.

Favorite Restaurant: Sneaky Pickle (RIP)

Best Part of the Job: Watching My House Events morph and grow outside of myself, the connections I’ve made as we’ve grown, and the impact I’ve been able to make through my work.

Danielle Lee COO My House Events.jpg

Danielle Lee | Partner + Chief Operating Officer

As the COO and Partner, I ensure all of our operations and finances are strategic, sustain us in the present, and set us in motion for growth. Barrie and I act as thought partners regarding the future growth of the company and long term vision; a very exciting part of the role!

Favorite Restaurant: GW Fins

Best Part of the Job: Getting to connect our amazing chef community and the delightful clients we interact with! It is also incredible to watch how our small but mighty team has grown year over year, which also means growing our impact on the chef community


Katherine Bowler | Event Production Director

I am the Event Production Director and work hand-in-hand with each client to ensure their curated menu is brought to life. Once clients’ menus are planned, I assist clients on all aspects - from rentals to event logistics, and I attend the events to ensure they are executed to perfection.

Favorite Restaurant: Coquette

Best Part of the Job: Working with talented chefs and clients to make their food dreams come to life! Seeing multiple chefs working together on site creates an impactful experience for everyone involved.


Kelsey Parris | Director of Client Experiences

I’m the lead on all client communication and ensure preliminary planning is executed seamlessly. I am every client’s lead from initial event inquiry and menu composition to event formulation, walking each through the process of planning their dream event.

Favorite Restaurant: Paladar 511

Best Part of the Job: I’m so excited to help people find their dream menu for their special event. I love hearing people share their vision and favorite dishes, and then introducing them to chefs and restaurants in New Orleans that they may not have ever tried.

Stephanie Benitez Brand Manager My House Events.jpg

Stephanie Benitez | Brand Manager

As the Brand Manager, I oversee all marketing and social platforms to ensure the overarching vision and mission of My House Events is being communicated consistently across all channels.

Favorite Restaurant: 1000 Figs

Best Part of the Job: Getting to see the visions of My House Events come together and get expressed via colors, graphics, food, food presentation. My House Events is growing beautifully into luxe food experiences that you’ll want to eat before you ‘gram.